The idea behind LPF



Burundi is a country that is about to emerge from a long civil war that lasted too aque (1993-2005). For now many former refugees have returned to the country and there are several hundreds of thousands (more than 350,000 refugees residing in Tanzania). Once in Burundi all these people live in very precarious conditions since the Burundi is among the world's poorest countries.


The Burundi really can not bring all the resources needed to cope with this influx of returnees without relying on outside above the basic infrastructure support have been destroyed in many places and he'll have to rebuild other roads, water supply and residential homes.


Given this period of instability, human rights and the culture of democracy are not yet realities that are part of the Burundian culture.


That's why as of December 30, 2006 we decided to create Life and Peace Foundation to get involved in finding solutions to these problems.












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